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Complete Dental Care for the Entire Family 


Our complete care ranges from affordable snug fitting dentures and removable partials to orthodontics (braces) for children and adults. Often simple tooth straightening can be done with retainers where more serious problems may be corrected with braces. We can also utilize tooth colored fillings and lifelike all porcelain crowns to create an attractive "makeover" smile. Our thorough exam includes many aspects of oral diagnosis. Gum disease is a major reason for concern, as it is the leading cause of tooth loss. We will examine for it thoroughly, and we're skilled in many of the new treatments to keep it under control, if necessary.

Always remember THERE IS NEVER A CHARGE FOR SECOND OPINION VISIT (patient must bring x-rays)

We offer the personal touch that makes you more than a patient.

In our office, we care about you as a patient. Knowing each individual personally allows us to develop a specialized treatment plan for each family member. We will always take time to answer questions concerning your care, discuss the alternatives, and explain all fees if asked.


We're committed to you!

Dentistry is an ever changing profession where technology progresses rapidly. Keeping up with the advances in research and technology is a top priority for our staff. You'll also appreciate that our office uses heat sterilization procedures for instruments, like those in hospital